It Takes One to Know One

I'm Sarah, owner and founder of GradAssistant, and I am very familiar with just how difficult grad school can be. In fact, people often remark that my graduate school experience sounded more like a soap opera than real life: I came in with a challenging background (first-gen, low-income, and more besides) and found even more hurdles along the way... including a life-threatening illness, ethical conundrums in my research, and a catastrophic car accident four days before my doctoral defense. Yikes!


Despite it all, though, I emerged from my program with a well-received dissertation, an impressive resume of grants, teaching experiences, and professional development credentials, and a full-time job offer in a field I love. I look back on graduate school as one of the most transformative experiences of my life—and my success was made possible by the robust and dedicated network of people (faculty, staff, students, friends, and family) who supported me every step of the way. 

Having such a strong community of my own inspired me to pay it forward, and help build community for my peers. I was a fierce advocate for my fellow graduate students during my school years, serving as the university-wide representative for all 8,000 graduate and professional students on my campus. It was during that year-long, full-time position—a position that allowed me to meet and coach more than 350 students from all programs, stages, and personal backgrounds—that I first came up with the idea for GradAssistant. 

Graduate students need support. Plain and simple. Someone who can help them navigate the complexities of the process, the institution, and the program, all while paying close attention to the person behind the degree. For students who don't have that support at the ready, GradAssistant offers a low-cost support service geared more toward advocacy and retention than profits.


I firmly believe it's possible to have a successful and transformative experience in graduate school. It happened for me. And with support from the GradAssistant, it can happen for you too. 

Ready to take the leap?